Source: Valley Roadrunner

VC princesses take on Comic-Con

July 25, 2013

With the nerds of the world descending on San Diego last week for Comic-Con 2013, a pair of former Valley Center princesses showed their style and creativity with some ingenious costumes.

Morgan Boberg, who was Junior Miss Valley Center in 2009, and Kelsey Schwarz, who was crowned Miss Valley Center in 2010, joined a trio of friends at the comic book convention as Hipster Disney Princesses, complete with black-framed glasses and skinny jeans.

Morgan (above, far left), as Tinkerbelle, says that growing up is too mainstream, while Kelsey (far right), as Cinderella, wonders if her pumpkin chariot is a hybrid.

And in the photo below, the girls met up with some rough-and-tumble Disney princesses on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center.

Where’s a hoodie-wearing handsome prince on a skateboard when you need one?