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Minding Your BUSINESS

July 26, 2013

FOOD FESTIVAL—The second annual Valley Center Food Truck Festival will be held Saturday, Aug. 24, 3–9 p.m. at Bates Nut Farm. Admission is free. VIP tasting is from 1-2:30 p.m. and general admission 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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ARCHERY TRAINING—No matter what your age or gender, a great way to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing is through traditional Korean archery. This traditional form of archery was developed centuries ago in Korea to be used as a hunting tool, for religious rituals, military weapons and physical training for both the mind and body.

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This practice is said to increase calmness within and strengthen a body both internally and externally. Valley Center is fortunate enough to have a local citizen who wants to share this time old tradition, and offer his expertise for free. Heon K. Kim offers free lessons at his home every Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. If you are interested, look at his Web site, or contact him at 760-297-0558.

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BREWERY PREVIEW—Learn about a local brewery that has not yet opened but should be opening in a few months. The latest member of the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce is Valley Center Brewery, which is currently a home brewer operation only and not a licensed brewery for sale or distribution.

Although it isn’t open yet, the home brewer is holding a get-together for those who share a common interest: beer! There will be things on the grill and you are welcome to bring some of your own favorite beer and some munchies. You will be able to sample: Sweet Apple Malty Blond, Blond Ale, Rusty Pale Ale, Rusty Lager, Rusty Rye IPA and Lil Rusty Ale.

The location is 12650 Cumbres Road in Valley Center. Go North on the I-15 past the I-78 toward Fallbrook. Take the Gopher Canyon Road off ramp, go east, right turn. At the light turn right again, south, on Champagne Blvd (Old 395).

At the next light turn left, east, on Old Castle Road, go five miles. You will wind around a bit then you will come down a hill, stay to the right. When you start up a hill as the road bends to the right you are almost there.

According to owner Bob Marek, If you want to attend you should visit the brewery’s website and RSVP for a body count.

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