Source: Valley Roadrunner

Margaret Bates of VC dies at age 89

August 14, 2013

Margaret Bates, whose family owns and operates Bates Nut Farm, died Monday at the age of 89.

Her husband, James, 93, is the last of the Bates brothers who started the nut farm.

James and Margaret Bates celebrated their 70-year platinum anniversary, on March 21, 2012. They were married March 21, 1942 in Yuma, Arizona.

The couple met in Escondido at the old high school on 4th Street. James was born in 1920 and in 1921 his family moved to what is known today as Bates Nut Farm. He and Margaret are previous owners of Bates, along with his brother and sister-inlaw, Clifford & Luella Bates.

The Roadrunner expects to have a full obituary for Mrs. Bates, including dates and times for services.