Source: Valley Roadrunner

First day of school 'off to a great start''

August 23, 2013

Thursday’s first day of classes at the Valley Center Pauma Unified School District went very smoothly, according to Superintendent Lou Obermeyer.

She told The Roadrunner, “I visited every school today and students were excited to be back in school. The high school had their traditional opening with a pep rally in the gym and they were treated to Mr. McCowan singing a song about heroes.

The superintendent also visited the middle school where, “sixth grade students were in the multipurpose room leaning about school routines, recess times, lunch and other information to orient them to a new school.

“At Pauma, students in Mrs. Songer's class were learning class routines and having a wonderful time with a positive, energetic teacher.

“At Lilac School I saw Mrs. Bassett's kindergarten class lining up, at VCE, Mrs. Yancey was taking pictures of her students in graduation robes to support the schools going to college culture, at Oak Glen all students were in class and ready to learn and at the Primary School, Ms. Callahan's kindergarten students were sitting in a circle on the carpet listening to the teacher tell them they would learn how to read. We are off to a great start!”

Enrollment for today is 4,040, which is 103 less than projected but 22 above last year's first day. Historically, enrollment increases for the first couple of weeks of school.