Source: Valley Roadrunner

Who was that masked man?

by Ray Flores

September 04, 2013

He swings from rafters wearing a loincloth, roars in on a Harley, opens an evacuation center during times of emergency, and proudly wears his cape and mask to welcome students back to the new challenges of a school year.

Who is this humble masked crusader? Who, disguised as Valley Center’s mild-mannered High School principal, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, quality education and the concerns of his community?

Why it’s our own “Caped Crusader” Ron McCowan. He recently challenged his students to “be a hero” at this year’s welcome-back assembly and go out of their way to help one another. A very humble man who always takes the time to listen to his students and staff, Mr. McCowan solves everyday challenges with empathy and finesse.

This week Ron McCowan is the Roadrunner’s “Hero of the Month.” Each month we will announce a new hero who gives back to his or her community, who performs unselfishly, and who is giving of their time and talents. If you know of a local hero please submit your nomination to