Source: Valley Roadrunner

Valley Center lacrosse, an investment in our youth

by Andi McCuskey

September 08, 2013

As many Valley Center families say their goodbyes to college-bound sons and daughters, there’s excitement in the air — new experiences, a new school year and new beginnings. Even better than that would be to couple these new beginnings with a partial or even full college scholarship while playing a loved sport!

The Valley Center Lacrosse Foundation has provided this opportunity to some of our Valley Center High School athlete graduates. We hope to provide even more playing and scholarship opportunities this year.

Why have I volunteered my time for so many years on the lacrosse foundation board to support student lacrosse athletes? It is my way of passing on the lacrosse tradition and blessing I received a generation ago from my father, Bob Naso. Excelling in both lacrosse and football, my father received a full scholarship to Rutgers University, elevating himself as a two time All-American. This led to coaching positions in both lacrosse and football at Rutgers, then football at Columbia University.

One of the benefits was free college tuition for his daughters. For me that meant a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers and a master's in physical therapy from Columbia. My gratitude for these benefits drives me to help our young athletes. And it all began with lacrosse!

You, too, can support lacrosse in Valley Center and facilitate opportunities for today’s youth. Lacrosse in Valley Center is self-funded at both the middle and high school levels, and we need your help.

Our biggest fund raiser of the year — our Annual Golf Tournament — will be held Sept. 14 at the Woods Valley Golf Club. Please join us for a fun day of golfing or just drop in for lunch and to bid on our silent auction items! Please contact me, Andi McCuskey, VCLF secretary, at 760-445-1454 to RSVP. Help us open more doors of opportunity for our youth.