Source: Valley Roadrunner

Jaguar Corner, Sept. 10

by Alina Gonzalez

September 09, 2013

Now that weíre back into the rhythm of the school year things are starting to clear up and feel normal again. This week, however, we had something very special brought onto our campus. A huge message that ASB is spreading this year is the idea of being a hero and our assemblies this week have hopefully shared a message with students and teachers on the idea of tolerance. Everyone has a different story, Jags, and though it may seem like youíre the only one dealing with your struggles there are plenty of others who feel the same way. Keep an eye out around campus for someone who might need your help, even a simple smile at a stranger can improve some ones day.

We have some pretty exciting things coming up this week, Jags. ASE, our after school enrichment program will be having a recruitment at lunch on Thursday. There you can sign up for the variety of classes offered after school. Ranging from Improv to tutoring thereís bound to be a class for you; ASE officially starts on Monday, Sept. 23, but itís never to early to sign up!

Tuesday, Sept. 17 is going to be a very exciting day at the high school. For starters, seniors will be heading out for a fun day at the beach, caravanning it out on busses with friends and spending the last of that summertime sunshine out in the sand. On campus, photographers will be taking pictures for the yearbook so make sure to be dolled up. And at 6 p.m. parents will be strolling the halls for Back to School night. Jags, make sure your parents have a list of your classes with room numbers so they donít wander around like lost freshman on the first day of school.

Thatís all for this week Jags!