Source: Valley Roadrunner

Jaguar Corner, Sept. 16

September 15, 2013

This Friday is Club Rush, Jags, so get ready to explore the quad as members try to convince you to join.

However, you must first decide what type of club you want to join. Clubs can be split into three groups: academic, service, and recreational. Just a side-note: donít be like me freshman year when you sign up for way too many clubs than there are days of the week. Pick a few clubs and double check to see that they donít conflict with each other. Thatíll make choosing a lot easier.

Once youíve narrowed this down itís pretty easy to decide what to do next.

Many service clubs range from level of service. The PB&J club makes sandwiches after school that are then distributed to homeless shelters, CSF & NHS collect service hours and organize a few service projects a year, and Interact Club performs service together by carpooling out to locations.

Recreational Clubs include our religious clubs on campus, such as Latter Day Saints and Fellowship of Christian Athletes; the new Anime club, our amazing Drama Club, and my personal favorite club: STOP.

With our Breaking Down the Walls assembly last week a positive energy has been filling our campus. However this energy is only emitting from the 25 percent of the student population that attended the assemblies.

As President of STOP, Iíd like to invite all you Jags to join us so that the entire school population can partake in the positive atmosphere. Iíd love to see yaíll signing up at our table on Friday or even just stopping by to pick up a cookie and a smile.

Clubs are a huge part of making new friends and finding out what you want to do so make sure to sign up for at least one this week, Jags! Thatís all for this week, until next time.