Source: Valley Roadrunner

Valley Center Pop Warner

September 16, 2013

Flag Football

Valley Center’s Junior Jaguars racked up the offensive production in taking a 47–18 win over the Ramona Smash Dogs.

Offense lineman Davis, Jones, Peart, Leonard and Vasquez gave seasoned quarterback Colton Paxton plenty of time to execute his plays. Linebacker Nathan Belcher ran more than 100 yards and scored three touchdowns. Yaash Vasquez and Colton Paxton would continue to pound the field and score.

An impressive defensive line would force the Smash Dogs to fumble and take more than ten sacks.

Displaying impressive defensive tactics and skill, Peart, Calac, Leonard, Vasquez, Cabrera, Paxton, Davis and Jones helped hold the Ramona offense to only touchdowns and no extra points.

Mighty Mites

Valley Center’s Mighty Mites played their hearts out and were defeated 32–6 against the Scripps Ranch Falcons.

On each of their first down possessions, the Falcons were up by 20.

Josh Alvarado ran 25 yards on a kickoff return, and with great field position, quarterback Malachi Dagnino-Avila and his offense were no match for Falcon defense.

The Falcons scored again after a turnover on downs. Nakomis Alvarado set the Jaguars up with a 15-yard return.

Josh Alvarado caught a deflected pass, quarterback Hayden Bennett handed off to Peter Decelles, and that put VC 40 yards closer to scoring on the five-yard line. But the Falcons intercepted the VC pass and scored instead.

The first half of the game ended with the Jaguars scoring. Nakomis Alvarado had a 35-yard touchdown run assisted with great blocking by Josh Alvarado.

The defense came alive in the second half and didn't allow the Falcons to score again. Timely sacks by Camille Gordon and Kevin Garcia helped turn over the ball to the Jaguars. In addition, tackles in the backfield and on the line of scrimmage by AJ Osborne, Hayden Bennett and Peter Decelles held the Falcons back.

The final offensive drive by the Jaguars almost resulted in a second touchdown. Hayden Bennett broke through a few tackles and gained eight yards in two plays.

The Mighty Mite Jaguars are a young team but continue to fight and play hard week after week.