Source: Valley Roadrunner

Jesse’s Garden moves to new location

by Michael Crane

September 17, 2013

Jesse’s Garden, the nursery and produce market previously located between the Pala Vista Gas Station and the Valley Center Post Office, is moving to a new location this week. Jesse Zazquez opened his garden on the Fourth of July, but he now has to move to make way for a new diesel pump station at Pala Vista Gas.

The business has been known for selling a variety of produce and plants. Zazquez sells fruits, vegetables, small plants, and he even installed a small petting zoo with turkeys, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

“I was doing it to try and help the community,” Zazquez said. “Our main goal was to sell produce with no pesticides, and also everything grown in Valley Center.”

Zazquez had an arrangement with VC Post Office. In exchange for water for his garden, Zazquez did all the landscaping, cleaned the mailboxes, and repainted the curbs and parking stripes around the post office.

The new location for Jesse’s Garden will be 28582 Valley Center Road, right next to Canyon Road. The new site will be much bigger — 2.5 acres. Zazquez plans to have his garden open again by the beginning of October.