Source: Valley Roadrunner

Letters to the editor

September 22, 2013

The Roadrunner hasnít shown much since David Rossí departure, although I suppose more time is needed. I would be more sympathetic had Ross left under no duress, but everyone knows that didnít happen. Mr. Ross knows Valley Center and surrounding areas like no other, cultivated over 28 years. Perhaps he and his many friends should try the publishing business and start another newspaper.

The new Roadrunner feature ďThe ForumĒ is a weak way to fill space without having to pay real staff writers to develop human interest and other stories that require research. A better approach would be to ask readers to submit story ideas and then have journalists follow up and write those stories.

Doug Ives

Many things have changed since buying property here, 32 years ago, some for the better and some questionable. I canít count the times that the City of Escondido has tried to incorporate us by hook or crook, the times a corporation tried to put in a store with their patented sign and developers who have tried to turn our quaint little town into a rural suburb with shopping centers and senior housing. There have always been inside and outside forces, and individuals, who have tried to redefine this unique area and Iím sure the onslaught will not cease and desist.

There have been some major changes which have benefited our community in many ways, such as financial solvency for our local tribes, more jobs, a better main road and much needed traffic lights, to name a few. Along with the benefits, there has been an influx in traffic and accidents, a variety of criminal activities now stretching out into the outline areas of our community, also, to name a few.

I remember when the traffic light was finally installed, at N. Lake Wohlford and Valley Center Roads, how we all struggled with that intersection, waiting for the next accident or fatality, wondering how many lives would be needlessly lost before something was done.

Now, we face an even growing crisis with two tour bus accidents within the last couple of weeks due to poorly maintained equipment and excessive speed, according to the Channel 10 News report. How many accidents or possible fatalities before something is done to ensure our community is safe from these needless, avoidable potential loss of property and life?

We have enough problems running the gauntlets from people not using merging lanes in front of the casinos pulling right out in front of us every day without having the added risk of having a tour bus hit us head on! How about the powers that be getting out of procrastination mode and into prevention mode before the loss of human life occurs instead of waiting for a specific body count.


Richard Micheletti

Valley Center