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THE FORUM: What have you heard about Common Core? Do you think it will help or hinder education in this school district?

September 24, 2013

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Last week’s topic:

The Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District will be implementing the Common Core State Standards in the coming year. Some claim that the standards will allow for more flexibility in the classroom while others suggest they will be an unnecessary and harmful imposition. What have you heard about Common Core? Do you think it will help or hinder education in this school district?

1. Rena Hamilton

I am very concerned for our children in Valley Center, in my church family, in my family, and the USA, with the Common Core educational system that is now the new standard for our children to be completely in place in 2014. This system will be required of the parents who home school to teach also, or their children will not pass the tests. I have researched this and to summarize what I have discovered in two words, it is Socialism and Communism standards that will be taught. I have seen the new math, and it is very difficult to learn, also the required reading is not good. Over three months ago, Glenn Beck described what is taught in this system. You can watch a video of his statements on Glenn Beck Common Core. Beck said it will dumb down our children for more control in the years to come. There are other web sites that say the same, but many are all gung ho for this system, including teachers. I urge parents to thoroughly investigate the Common Core system and let your school officials know you do not want this taught to your children. One state in the mid-central region had this system in their schools and is now trying to get rid of it, it started with the parents and a few teachers objecting. The SD Union paper has had many articles on the Common Core, praising it, and Gov. Jerry Brown said it would take millions to replace all of the books in the schools with the Common Core books, and billions if the computers also have to be replaced. Recently articles have been published that they will discontinue the Star system of testing and have the new Common Core testing and the outcome of these tests will not be made public. So with this said, I hope parents and concerned citizens will unite and with God's help I pray it can be stopped.

This week’s topic:

Here we go again! The House of Representatives and the President are once again in a standoff between defunding Obamacare and shutting down the federal government. Clearly, something in Washington is broken. What do you think is the source of the dysfunction?

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