Source: Valley Roadrunner


by Kim Harris

October 03, 2013

Today Iím pleased to take a moment to introduce myself as consulting editor for the Valley Roadrunner. My experience in the newspaper business is extensive. I began writing in 1981 when I was a sophomore for The Wildcat Tales, the official paper for New London Spicer High School in New London, Minn. That is where I was first bitten by the journalism bug and it quickly became my dream to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer for the Chicago Sun Times.

As I aged, my dream began to evolve and change. Things like marriage, family and community became more important to me, but I never lost my passion for journalism and I continued to write for community and military papers throughout my career, most recently the Tribune & Georgian located in Camden County, Ga. While at the T&G I was recognized three times by the Georgia Press Association, twice for photography and once for community service for a series of articles I wrote on insurance services ratings and how it affects home insurance costs.

Prior to going to the T&G, I was editor of the Tester, a publication covering military activities at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland. Other highlights on my resume includes a stint in ad sales at The Enterprise, another Maryland newspaper and writing for a second military newspaper, The Lighthouse up at Naval Base Ventura County.

I also want to take a moment to thank Michael Crane for all his hard work on our paper over the past few weeks. Michael will remain with the Roadrunner, covering the news as it happens so residents and readers can be informed of happenings in our town. Michael has done a great job as editor and I know that as he spends more time in the business his love for the community and the newspaper business will continue to grow, taking him to great places.

As the wife of an active duty service member, I have learned over the years that change is inevitable and those changes can affect every aspect of business, but it is my goal to keep my eye on the pulse of Valley Center, reporting the relevant news that is important to our readers in a timely manner. I invite all our readers to reach out and tell me what is important to you and how you feel we can better cover the news in our beautiful town. My door is always open, so drop by and say hi when youíre in town and please feel free to email me you thoughts, story ideas and comments at