Source: Valley Roadrunner

Meeting the people

by Kim Harris

October 08, 2013

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to get out and meet many of Valley Centerís residents at the Chamber of Commerce Block Party.

One of my goals is to get out into the community to see whatís important to our readers and aside from the windy weather, this fun Chamber event offered me the perfect chance to do just that. Everyone was so welcoming to me and my 15-year-old son, who I woke up bright and early on his only day to sleep in, so he could help me set up and work our booth.

While there we met business owners, long-time subscribers, new subscribers and even those who no longer subscribe to the paper. We met retirees, young families, singles and even some Marines between bites of baked goods and BBQ. We had really interesting conversations with everyone from long time residents to those who have relocated to Valley Center looking for a quieter way of life.

There were several people who I spoke with who really stuck out in my mind, Dr. John, a local chiropractor borrowed my sonís guitar, played us a song and went along his merry way, The Relay For Life Group, Friends of the Valley Center Library and the ladies from the rotary were super friendly and full of information about Valley Center.

The thing that surprised me was not how welcoming Valley Center residents are ó I already knew that from my short time at the Roadrunner ó what surprised me is how genuinely excited people seem about the changes going on at the paper.

I got a lot of positive feedback from our readers who like the local coverage and are yearning for more stories about people in our community. They like the human interest stories and they plan their week around the events in the Valley Briefs section. Readers love our sports coverage, celebrating when our high school teams win and mourning when they donít.

The people I spoke with had suggestions, comments and concerns as well. I did my best to address everything and will continue to do so as things are brought to my attention. Bottom line, our readers are invested in our town and the happenings here and really had great things to say about how we as a newspaper are doing when it comes to reporting news in the local community.

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