Source: Valley Roadrunner

Asian Archery Exchange comes to town this weekend

October 08, 2013

Valley Center will play host to a variety of archers in the 2013 Asian Archery Exchange this weekend.

The event is hosted by longtime resident Heon K. Kim, who hosts a free Korean archery program on Saturdays. This weekend, Mr. Kim is excited to open his home’s archery range for this unique event.

The two-day exchange will feature Korean, Chinese and Japanese archery traditions, with hands-on practice, insightful lectures, fun contests and good company.

All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to experts.

Along with the host, who will showcase Korean archery, the exchange will feature instruction and lectures from Justin Ma in Chinese archery and Rick Beal, Marcus Bossett and Trinidad Campbell in Japanese archery.

The event will be held at 29745 Lilac Road and will begin with registration and check-in at 8 a.m. on Saturday. The registration fee for the event is $55 for one day and $75 for both days.

Registration includes participation, continental breakfast, lunch, and Saturday’s dinner.

To register, or to find out more about the event, contact Heon K. Kim by email at You can also find more information about the event by searching Facebook for Asian Archery Exchange.