Source: Valley Roadrunner

The Jaguars' Spot, Oct. 15

by Alina Gonzalez

October 15, 2013

High school is composed of many ďtraditionalĒ ceremonies and Homecoming is no exception.

There are many elements that come together for Homecoming as itís turned into more than just a weekend of football and dancing. The added elements of whacked out spirit weeks, class competitions, finding the perfect dress and hoping that cute guy in class asks you to dance all bring a new and exciting feeling to an age-old tradition.

Personally, my favorite part about homecoming is the floats. Itís always fun to see what each class comes up with and how creative they are. This year the classes are decided up into cities with bright lights and sights. Freshmen are Sydney, Australia; sophomores are New York City; juniors are Paris, France; and seniors are Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The floats are sure to be super-bright for the parade!

Another great part about Homecoming is spirit week. Spirit week is the week of the 21st through the 25th. This year, the Associated School Body came up with some totally rad dress up days. Monday is Muscle Monday where you can dress up in work out gear, and then we have Tourist Tuesday. I remember having a Tourist day my sophomore year, I wasnít really sure what to dress up like so I themed my touristy outfit up and decked out in Disneyland gear like a first timer at the parks.

Wednesday is Wannabe day: you can dress up as your dream job or however you want for the day. This day sounds a little tricky because itís such a broad concept and Iím sure weíll see many different outfits that day! Thursday is Hip Hop Jueves and is basically Bling Bling day from previous years. Finally, Friday is always Black and Teal day to show off that Jaguar Pride.

With all these wonderful Homecoming customs itís sure to be a fantastic spirit week next week, Jags! Catch you all at the game!