Source: Valley Roadrunner

The Jaguarsí Spot, Oct. 31

by Alina Gonzalez

October 31, 2013

What did you do yesterday thatís worth mentioning today?

Daylight savings ends this Sunday, jags, and while we might get an extra hour to sleep in, I still ask you the above question. We all get the same 24 hours in a day but how exactly do we spend them?

Some jags do sports while others play music. Some organize rallies while others organize teachers. And even other jags do a combination of the four, plus more. Where do you lie?

While, as high schoolers, we may think we have all the time in the world, we actually donít. There are pressing deadlines, conflicts, and even cancellations that leave us wondering how it was that time flew right past us. I understand just how busy life can be, (believe me, Iím only at my house to sleep at night) but where is our devotion?

We can decide to do many, many hours of practice and rehearsals to in turn jeopardize our grades. We can all get perfect grades and risk our social life. We can dedicate a weekend to volunteering and worry that we wonít see our friends. We can sleep in until one oíclock on Saturday and be content that half the day is gone. We can spend our time and energy in every and any way imaginable, but what good will it do if we donít accomplish something worthwhile.

So what is worth doing today that can be mentioned tomorrow?

Did you congratulate a friend on their good effort out on the field? Did you high five the kid who finally passed a test? Did you hold the door open for a classmate with too much on their hands? Did you smile at someone new in hopes itíd lift their spirits?

Doing something worthwhile doesnít mean finding the cure for cancer or scoring a winning touchdown. Doing something worth sharing can be as simple as lending your friend your shirt and purse to lie on to take a nap.

In these next 24 hours what can you do to make a difference? How can you manage your time to squeeze in a hug or good phrase to someone in your life?

In these next 24 hours, what story can you make that will be worth sharing tomorrow?

Itís not easy to think beyond us during the rush of the day, but it is easy to do one simple act that will help someone else.

So sit with someone new at lunch jags, tell a teacher thank you for an interesting lesson, give a coach a high five after practice, hold the door open for someone because simple gestures like this might not be what you end up mentioning the next day but it will be what someone else does.

You impact people everyday with your character, jags. Go out and show them something worth mentioning.