Source: Valley Roadrunner

Water Board approves agreement extension

by Shelli DeRobertis

November 07, 2013

The Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD) approved at Tuesday’s meeting an annual extension of a current agreement allowing emergency water service to the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians tribal lands, which are outside of district boundaries.

Board members were asked for direction on a proposal from a local avocado grower, Sam Provost, who asked to buy

water from Lake Turner due to increased water costs.

He said he and two partners purchased Turner Grove in 2004, which was “rundown” and in need of more irrigation in order to rejuvenate the grove.

“From then until now, water (cost) increased dramatically,” Provost said.

He said they drilled several wells to help combat the rising costs of water, but the low amount of water the wells produced was excessively salty.

Provost said since his property is adjacent to Lake Turner, he wants to install a reverse osmosis system to filter the lake water and use it to water his grove.

“We’re in a situation where if we don’t get some cheaper water, we’re going to shut the water off,” he said.

His alternative to the request to use lake water was for the water district to give him a fixed rate with a 10-year commitment.

Gary Arant, general manager, said at the meeting that by law they couldn’t use Lake Turner’s water because of severe water quality issues.

He also said there are a number of legal and technical issues that need to be resolved, and the board needs time to explore permit issues and to consider offering a fixed price.