Source: Valley Roadrunner

Molly's Column, Nov. 14

by Molly Davis

November 12, 2013

Hi! This is Molly! How was your extra day off? Did you enjoy your Veterans Day? Happy Veterans Day to my Poppy who was in the National Guards. We spent our day straightening up our house. I am kind of glad we spent our day cleaning because it was a mess! No offense, brother and sisters.

In room 24, my class, we worked on a lot of writing. We even had a writing test Ö it was kind of a test because all the teachers examine it so they know what they need to work on in the subject of writing. We only had two periods to do our rough draft and final draft. Anyways, we had a picture to base our story off of. The picture had three dogs and a cat sitting on very fancy furniture. My story was truly nonfiction because the dogs and cat replace me with hotdogs and they end up talking to say they were sorry. The moral of my story was to never ever try and replace anyone with something as silly as hotdogs. Also always keep your friendships strong donít let them fall apart.

In math we worked on double digit decimal dividing. I believe I told you about decimal dividing last week but always remember when dividing with decimals Ďíif you want to get it right put the decimal on the right.íí Well thatís just what my teacher says it really make sense if youíre looking at a decimal dividing problem.

Also at school, the school hired some college kids studying acting to act out a couple plays for us and at the end of each play they did, we learned to always be nice Ö so letís make a goal to always be that nice anti-bullying person everyone knows and will adore.

Happy Thanksgiving Season! Thanksgiving means to me to thank the people I know and love. Here are two examples: I would like to thank God for creating the world and loving us for the way we are. We would not be here reading this without God. I would also like to thank my friends and family and parents for never giving up on me and pushing me to go the right direction in life even though I might not want to. I have a long list of things and people I would love to thank but that would just take up the paper. So on Thanksgiving Day just give the people you would like to thank a hug.

At my school there is a student, Tucker Basham, that is doing a blanket drive. The blankets will go to the homeless for the winter. All you need to do to help is drop any old/new blankets in the basket at the Valley Center Elementary School. Thank you Tucker, for trying to make our world a better place.

Hope you all have a great week! Beep, beep, Iím a running roadrunner writing all day!