Source: Valley Roadrunner

Letter to the editor

November 13, 2013

With regard to the posting names of arrested drivers and law breakers why don't you post the name of the establishment, the owners’ name, the bartenders name and employee number and ask the question why they didn't pour that person into a cab? If you read the chart the state provides (in your license or registration renewal) it shows that an adult male of approximately 200lbs is maxed out with three drinks. You can see already how unpopular the idea of an establishment taking any responsibility, a bartender guessing your weight or the question of where did he drink last or how drunk he/she was. Maybe if we posted the names of the last three judges and attorneys that got their drivers license reinstated after their third DUI we might begin to start addressing the problem. A group of people were responsible for letting John Gardener out unsupervised. Post their names. He wasn't stealing purses.

Paul Herigstad

Valley Center