Source: Valley Roadrunner

Giving thanks

by Kim Harris

November 25, 2013

Each year, as my family and I gather around the table for our Thanksgiving dinner, we take a moment and give thanks for those things in our lives that have gone well over the past year. For my husband and I, its usually something like our health and the health of our kids, solid finances or that we are all able to come together to celebrate the holidays.

With our kids, though, we never know what we are going to get when they share what they are thankful for. Sometimes the answer is thoughtful and meaningful, sometimes not so much. They are unpredictable and as different as night and day.

Pondering over this little phenomenon of how different the kids really are, made me think to myself, I wonder what would happen if I asked some other adults, perhaps, the Roadrunner staff, what they were thankful for, would their stories of thankfulness really be so different from mine? So I asked each of our writers and a few other staffers what they were thankful for this holiday season and this is what I got:

Michael Crane, staff writer I am thankful for my dogs, my family, my friends, my country, beautiful California weather in November, all the people serving our country both at home and abroad, and my job where I get to meet all the warm and hardworking people of Valley Center.

Zach Williams, associate publisher I give thanks for the support of family, one of the few irreplaceable elements of life. After years abroad, they are now closer. As the years go by, I have been amazed by the greater insight experience offers into what priorities truly matter over the decades.

Cindy Davis, advertising representative I am thankful for time with my family, friends and my Jack Russell, Maggie. I am thankful for a career which allows me to meet new people and exercise creativity. I am filled with gratitude each and every day. On the 50th Anniversary of JFKs Death, I would like to share this quote from him: As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

Lisa Rose, freelance writer I am thankful not just at Thanksgiving, but its a year-round kind of gratitude I feel for having a good life. I am especially grateful for a new diabetic device that just came to market that tests blood sugar every five minutes. It will shut off my sons insulin pump if his blood sugar goes low. This device could save his life and is a huge breakthrough in medical technology.

Kim Nichols, regional advertising manager I am thankful for my parents and the way they have raised me, taught me to be caring, passionate and have patience. Life is too short to be unhappy so do what makes you happy.

Kim Harris, editor I am thankful for my life, my relationship with God and my family. Each and every day, I wake up they support me in everything I do through their prayers, words and actions; they pick me up when I am down and they always make me laugh. I am never alone as long as I have them in my life. I am thankful for the pets who make up my own personal zoo. They always bring a smile to my face, and I am thankful for my job because without it, I would not have had the chance to meet all of the wonderful people that I have met in Valley Center.

Looking at my co-workers expression of thanks, I discovered that unlike my kids, what the Roadrunner staff is thankful for isnt anything so different from those things that I am thankful for. We all love our families and pets, our jobs and are grateful to our parents. We all have our little differences too.

I think that in a world where differences are embraced it is important to remember that while those differences are what make us unique, it is our sameness that makes us the compassionate, thoughtful and wonderful human beings that we are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!