Source: Valley Roadrunner

Molly's Column, Dec. 12

by Molly Davis

December 12, 2013

Hi this is Molly! How was your Thanksgiving break from school? Sorry, I didnít write an article for the last couple of weeks. I am back on track now. Letís get started!

At the VC Elementary School we have been learning many new strategies with fractions such as: adding and subtracting unlike fractions, multiplying fractions and even dividing fractions. We have been learning even more strategies for Language Arts! We have also been learning about colons and quotation marks.

In my class we figured out our GPAs. ďWhat are GPAs?Ē you might ask. Well it determines your grade point average and if you are eligible to receive Honor Roll, Principals Award or Citizenship Award. In order to earn Principals Award you have to get a 4.0 GPA which is all Aís. In order to earn Honor Roll you have to have a 3.2-3.9 GPA. Your teacher will tell you what you need to get. In order to get Citizenship Award you must have all ďEísĒ (excellent) in your citizenship/effort grades.

Also over break, my family and I went on a hike with llamas. I must say it was quite the experience. It was also a huge learning experience. We are taking the llama project through 4-H. I learned so much about llamas in general, their habitat and how to walk and train them. Did you know fully grown llamas can carry about 80 pounds of gear and a full grown llama weighs about 300 pounds! I literally didnít know that. They can grow to be about 5.5-6 feet tall and are used for meat and packing. Llamas are a great animal to take a nice and long walk with. To me it didnít even feel like we walked one mile but we actually walked three to four miles.

Interesting fact: Did you know that pigs are NOT color blind? But, they cannot see the color red. Guess my pigs couldnít see their barn which we painted red.

Beep, beep, Iím a running roadrunner, writing all day!