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Vaqueros close out 2013, prepare for 2014

by Lisa Burkhard

December 12, 2013

The Vaqueros are Valley Centerís local club for horse enthusiasts. With an equestrian park located at the corner of Valley Center and Lilac roads, the club hosts clinics, horse shows, tack sales, the young ridersí and cowboy challenges, to name just a few of the year-round activities. I can attest to the fact that 2013 has been a fun year, and itís not over yet! Below is a recap of some of the events hosted by the club so far.

Vaqueros Park was the site of five Rail Shows this year. Rail shows include such events as showmanship; English; Western, and trail classes. Horse lovers from the ages of three years old to seniors worked together in multiple classes, which offered instructions in lead line; walk trot (two gaits); walk trot canter (three gaits), and open competitions. Participants earned points during the show season, and were awarded prizes at the annual Christmas Party, held on Dec. 7.

Fun shows, which include gymkhana activities ó barrels, pole bending and others ó are also held at the park. 2013 saw six of these events where participants competed in timed events and earned ribbons and the respect of their fellow riders.

Three hunter jumper shows provided Vaqueros the opportunity to show off their jumping skills. From beginners to those jumping over 3 feet, these shows awarded ribbons to children and adults.


Showmanship, cowboy mounted shooting, and a roping clinic provided great fun and learning opportunities for club members and guests alike.

Cowboy Challenge

A series of three timed challenges that tested both horse and rider were held this year, with events including such activities as water crossing, jumping, gate opening and closing, and herding of cows. Yes, I did say COWS. Series high point winners received belt buckle awards at the culmination of the event.

Frances for Mayor

No article on The Vaqueros would be complete without the inclusion of our candidate for Valley Center mayor. The club raised funds and supported Frances (an ass) for mayor this year. While he didnít trot away with the honorary title, I think his future in politics is very bright.


Club membersí interests in horses in general and the Vaqueros group in particular, combine to foster increased participation in a wide variety of events, including joining together as a group to ride in local parades. The Valley Center Western Days Parade and the Escondido Christmas Parade, both annual events, offer opportunities for the riders to share their love of horses with others. The sense of wonder that appears on childrenís faces when they see a horse at a parade is something you will always remember.

Day of The Horse is an event that will showcase horses, horse supplies and horse people. The entire park will be bustling with booths that include items for demonstration, for sale and information. If you are interested in participating, please contact Deanne Sanderson at

Young Riders

Vaquero activities for younger members include trail rides, monthly meetings, a trip to the beach (with horses of course), and participation in a drill team. Currently the Young Riders are practicing a choreographed dance (again with horses) that will debut on Feb. 1 at The Day of The Horse. If you or your young rider would like to participate, contact Julie Picot at

2014 Day of the Horse

The Day of The Horse is an event at the park which will showcase horses, horse people, and horse supplies. The entire park will be bustling with people visiting the booths, watching the demonstrations, and listening to the pitches of those selling items or offering information. If you are interested in participating, please contact Deanne Sanderson at

Our 2014 calendar is coming together and can be seen below. We begin the year by hosting Day of The Horse on Feb. 1. If you have suggestions for shows and events email Julie Picot at

Events may be added or dates changed due to weather and participation. We will be adding the clinic schedule shortly and clinic suggestions should be sent to Nicole Brower at

If you are interested in learning more about The Vaqueros visit or contact President Deanne Sanderson at .