Source: Valley Roadrunner

More than 150 golfers ‘Tee It Up For Toys’ in Woods Valley Golf Club tournament

December 18, 2013

After more than 150 golfers turned out for Saturday’s Tee It Up For Toys Tournament at the Woods Valley Golf Club, head golf pro Jonathan Fleming was excited to label the event a “huge success.”

“It was an incredible day,” he said. “We measure success in terms of the number of presents donated by all the players, and you should see all the presents. We’re taking them all down to Operation Homefront tomorrow. It was a really great event.”

The 152 golfers on the course for the tournament marked a milestone for the club, as it was the largest number of players in a tournament in the course’s history.

“We had a lot of regulars and a lot of players we hadn’t seen in a long time,” Fleming added. “Everybody stepped up and got on board with helping Operation Homefront, and it was a great day.”

The club plans on holding charity tournaments as often as once a month, and two events are already in the works.

“We want to do a Super Bowl Sunday Shotgun tournament, and starting next week we’re going to start looking into which charity organization we want to go with,” Fleming said. “And then the next big one that’s for sure is on March 29 we will hold a tournament to benefit the Special Olympics. They didn’t have an official golf tournament for their organization, so we’re the official golf tournament of the Special Olympics, and we’re excited about that.”

Fleming also said that Woods Valley would continue to show golfers a high-quality golf experience with all the feel and comfort of a local course.

“It’s great to have something local, and we’re going to make sure that you’re treated right,” he said. “We’re not going to be just some hole-in-the-wall course, we’re making sure that everything is run properly and that it’s a positive experience for everybody. There’s a lot of positive energy around here, and we’re hoping to generate excitement for what this course can be.”

Be sure to visit Woods Valley Golf Club’s website at to find out more information about the course.

And to schedule your own golf event, be sure to contact Jonathan Fleming at 760-751-3007 or to get the latest information.