Source: Valley Roadrunner

Mollyís Column, Dec. 19

by Molly Davis

December 18, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry CHRISTmas! This is Molly reporting for duty! Letís get started.

In my 5th grade class we have working real hard on trimester 2. Yup, trimester 1 is over and trimester 2 is here. What is a trimester? You might ask. Well, our school year is broken up into 3 trimesters. Every trimester we get a new and hopefully improved report card.

Last Tuesday we had our award ceremony. I received Principalís Award and Citizenship/Effort Award.

Congratulations to all the Roadrunner students that received awards last week!

Briar VanSlyke, a Roadrunner student, is doing a fundraiser for Rady Childrenís Hospital, called Briarís Benefits. In order for Briarís Benefits to work she needs our help! We need to donate new items like: small toys, lotions, fingernail polish, stuffed animals, books, games and such and bring them to our school office at the Elementary School. Briar will deliver all the items collected to the hospital. Letís support Briar!

Merry CHRISTmas everybody! Christmas means to me: spending time with my family, Jesus being born, having fun, decorating the house/tree and spreading joy. If you ever forget the meaning of Christmas follow these steps: say Christmas out loud, write Christmas down, and underline the word Christ and then you should remember that Jesus Christ was born!

We picked out our Christmas tree at a tree farm in Ramona. We even got to chop it down.

Here is an interesting fact: Xmas is not that bad of an abbreviation. The ďXĒ stands for Christ in Greek abbreviation but it is better to write out Christ. Also, did you know the four Advent candles: purple, purple, pink and purple stands for: first. Hope, the second purple candle stands for Love, the third candle (which is pink) stands for Joy and the fourth candle (purple) stands for Peace.

Roadrunner students donít forget we will be out of school for two weeks and come back on Jan. 6!

Beep, beep, Iím a running Roadrunner, writing all day.