Source: Valley Roadrunner

Mollyís Column

by Molly Davis

January 15, 2014

Hi this is Molly! How are you doing today? I hope you are in the mood for reading today because I am going to write about my fist week of school, New Yearís, my livestock news, yes I said livestock news, and today we are even going to have a guest speakers at the end. So I would suggest that if you want to hear some interesting stuff today then continue reading Ö

Okay so we had two weeks off of school and this is our first week back so you might be a little rusty with your school work but thatís okay I am still very rusty too. In class we had a substitute all week because my teacher was really sick and could not talk. I really hope you feel better Mrs. Contreras. You are a great teacher and we miss you. Anyways in class we reviewed anything we might have forgotten over the two long weeks. Such as multiplying fractions and dividing fractions. We also worked on Language Arts and I do not know how to explain what we did for Language Arts. We learned about different cells and photosynthesis, roots, leaves and their functions in Science. The substitutes we had over the week were, Mr. Marx and Mrs. McCormick. So thank you for doing such a great job.

Okay letís talk about New Yearís. What is your New Yearís resolution? Did you make any? If you did not I would suggest that you do. The reason why these resolutions were created was because they are supposed to help you come into the New Year with a game plan. Kind of like when the Chargers played the Broncos the two teams came with a game plan. Well anyways you should always make a game plane for the New Year you never know it may help. Some of my resolutions are: to find another sport to play besides softball, work extra hard with my livestock animals, to try and stay as happy as can be, to stay true to my faith and get straight Aís in school. There are many more resolutions in my mind and I probably havenít even noticed them yet.

I cannot wait. My chickens are really close to laying their first eggs and I should be getting my pigs in the next month or two. Plus the more preparing I do for my pigs means the more learning I will do. I know this was a very random paragraph but I am kind of excited. Also if any of you folks need a vacation but do not know what to do with your animals you can hook this future vet up and hire me to watch your animals.

Here is my guest writer, my sister Madeline. Madeline will be teaching you all about polar bears. She will be doing Q and A. This is all herÖ

Q. What color is polar bearís skin? A. Polar bears skin is black.

Q. What is the color of their tongues? A. Black.

Q. Do you think they have bumps on their paws? A. Yes. The reason why is so they can walk on snow and ice.

Q. What are polar bears favorite snack? A. Their favorite snack is seals. Yum Yum.

Q. What do they eat in the summer? A. Trash, berries, sea weed, and grass.

Q. What do they eat? A. Fish.

And that was my wonderful 6 year old sister, Madeline. Thank you.

Beep Beep Iím a writing Roadrunner writing all day! Donít forget to set your New Yearís resolutions!