Source: Valley Roadrunner

Thunderhawk Voice

by Ellie Wheeler

January 15, 2014

We got through the first week back to school alive! Good work! It was very hard for me to get up early every day after being on break for two weeks and sleeping in until eleven or so. Howíre you handling getting back to school?

Attention ThunderHawk girls who are interested in playing field hockey! Girls field hockey started on January 7 and you can still join! This is a great opportunity to get to know other people, learn to play a great sport, and have fun! You donít need any experience to play. You donít even have to have your own stick. All you need is the basics. If you are interested in playing and want more information, talk to Coach Embrey at school.

If you recall, before winter break, ASB handed out blue forms and had you make your most valuable winter wish. ASB read every single one of them and on Jan. 24, in sixth period, you can see if your wish was granted. You never know, someone could have made a wish for you, too! Be sure not to be absent on Friday the 24th so you can attend the Winter Wishes Pep Rally!

Progress reports have already started being sent home to get signed and will continue to be sent home next week. Next week we begin benchmark exams. Be sure to study and do your best! My advice: just breathe! You know the material, youíve learned it. Have faith in yourself.

ASB has just made an ASB link on the Middle School website. This now means you can have a place to see spirit point, upcoming events, pictures, and anything else ASB-related! All you have to do is go onto the website and click the student tab. Then at the bottom of the lists there will be a link to the ASB website. Check this constantly to know what is happening at your school, Thunderhawks!

I challenge all of you Thunderhawks to go out of your way to do a kind act for someone else. You never know who needs it and will approximate it most. Anything as simple as smiling or holding the door can make someoneís day!

For this week, this Thunderhawk is flying away!