Source: Valley Roadrunner

Planning Group renews officers’ tenure

by Michael Crane

January 15, 2014

The Valley Center Planning Group voted unanimously to renew their current standing officers for another year on Monday night. Oliver Smith will continue as chair, Ann Quinley will remain as vice-chair, and Steve Hutchison will keep up his efforts as secretary.

“Thank you very much. I truly enjoy herding cats,” joked Smith after being re-elected. This will be Smith’s seventh year as chair.

Another seat has been vacated in the already-sparse ranks of the Planning Group. With the resignation of Member Bob Davis, there are now four empty seats, although two of those are awaiting the approval of applicants. Anyone interested in serving on the Planning Group should contact Hans Britsch at 760-535-4312 or

The Planning Group also reviewed their subcommittees for the coming year. The Equine Ordinance subcommittee was disbanded because the ordinance has passed, and was replaced by the Solar Project subcommittee, which Smith will chair. All the other subcommittees from 2013 were renewed.

The next meeting of the group will be held on Jan. 22 at the Valley Center Municipal Water District office at 7 p.m., although it will primarily be a County training session for members. The regular February meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10.