Source: Valley Roadrunner

The Jaguars’ Spot

by Alina Gonzalez

February 06, 2014

The Superbowl occurred this past weekend. Now, I don’t know much about football – I just twirl a flag at halftime out on the field – but I know that it isn’t a selfish sport. As emphasized in one commercial, football is about “We.” So many inspirational stories have come from football, too, The Blind Side, the middle school team from Olivet, Michigan, and the recent commercial star, Derrick Coleman. Likewise, so many inspirational stories have come from Valley Center High School. With a wide diversity of dreamers, VCHS allows for each to experience their hobbies. In the next few weeks dozens of students will be going through cap and gown orders. Dancers will be rehearsing for their final performance of the year. Drama students will be showcasing scenes and monologues that they will be using for competition at Cal State Fullerton next month. Jag Idol auditions will occur and some hopeful and talented Jags will sing their hearts out. Basketball teams will score points, SATs will be taken, and college acceptance letters will arrive. Students help each other out, try new things, and find their niche. We only have 83 days left of school, Jags, and while we think that 83 days is not a lot, this year is coming to a close. For some Jags, they will have three more years to look forward to. Others have just five months before they are sent out into the world. So while 83 days might seem like a long time off, it really isn’t. High school is kinda like football. There are certain plays and directions to follow, and when followed precisely it leads to a great win. And just like football, it is about “we,” not I. The Maxine isn’t going to fill itself up and neither are the stands in the gym. While I’ve learned that football is a team sport, I’ve also learned that being a Jag is too. We always have each other’s back.