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View from a Broad Abroad

February 06, 2014

What is it that makes living in Valley Center so glorious? Well, first of all, for a transplanted Brit, I love to have the sun wake me up! To have lived waking up for the most part in cloudy, gloomy weather year round, it is a permanent luxury to wake up to the glorious sun here in VC, and to be able to work from home in a setting as beautiful as this. It seems there are great views from everywhere and Iím still discovering so many! My sisters in England asked me what the weather was like on Christmas Day. Sunbathing weather, I said. They wished they hadnít asked! (and I donít tell unless they ask these days, seems sadistic otherwise!) They felt the cold and misery even more back there!

And I love the people here! We have found ordinary people doing extraordinary things. All over these 100 square miles. Many helping others and this community we cherish.

I even love the nature. I say that because I never thought Iíd be up close with a coyote, having rattlers outside the door, and many other flora and fauna one can come into contact with here in VC! Thing is Iím okay with it. Iím a townie really, from London. But we spent all our vacations on our cousinís farm in Suffolk. And I was very happy there. I was put on my first carthorse at 4. I was learning to milk cows at 6 Iíd say. Collecting eggs. Watching my Aunt kill a wasp by squeezing itís head! Sending us turkey for Christmas whose neck we knew sheíd wrung! Tough cookie, my Aunt Mabel.

I came here by way of London, then Vence ó a year-round- French village in the South of France ó and the Hollywood Hills in LA. After a year of looking we discovered Valley Center, this incredible place we are so fortunate to live in, we hung our hats here about seven years ago! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

I learned that Valley Center had been featured in an old movie called Itís A Mad, Mad, Mad World, made in the 60ís with Spencer Tracey. Iíd like to take a look at it again. I wonder how different Valley Center was back then? Whilst on the subject of movies, have you noticed a theme in last yearís movies? Iím lucky enough to be a voting member of the British Academy, a much, much smaller version of the Oscars! I get to see a lot of movies towards the end of each year. There tends to be a theme. What do they say? Life mirrors art, art mirrors life. Well, post 9/11 the general theme has been violence. This year itís survival. In the rare case you happily get redempnever cared less about most of the lead characters in the movies Iíve watched this season. Rare exceptions. When you donít care what happens to the Ďheroí you kind of lose interest in the story. There was very little opportunity to emotionally connect. Wasnít just me. My husband, Richard, from the industry, and another voting member over here from London were of the same mindset. What does that mean if life mirrors art? WhateverÖ. time for some romantic comedies if you ask me Ė calling all Valley Center Screenwriters!!

Sally Busby

Valley Center