Source: Valley Roadrunner

Editorials: It wonít be the same without her

by Kim Harris and Michael Crane

February 20, 2014

We at the Valley Roadrunner were shocked and saddened to learn of the impending retirement of Dr. Lou Obermeyer, superintendent of the Valley Center Pauma Unified School District. Her announcement came as a surprise to everyone in the room, with the exception of Obermeyer herself. None of us saw it coming and surprise was evident on the faces of many in the audience.

Obermeyer, who just renewed her contract in January, said she wants to spend more time with her husband who is retired, and frankly we canít fault her for that decision. We all deserve to be able to ride off into the sunset at some point in our lives, it just so happens that her time is sooner than anyone expected or had hoped for.

During her eight year tenure, Obermeyer accomplished some great things benefitting the teachers and students of VCPUSD, many of which are listed in Michael Craneís story on page A1. But this got us thinking about some of the things Obermeyer has done that has affected us directly. So to honor this dedicated educator, here are just a few of our thoughts on how she has made a difference in our lives at the Valley Roadrunner.

Kim Harris: I have not had the exposure to Dr. Obermeyer that others here have had, but at my first meeting with her, she welcomed me into her office, into the community and was more than willing to listen to my thoughts and ideas for the future of the Roadrunner. She made me feel welcome and was open with her opinions. She is truly a class act and one that will be hard to follow.

Michael Crane: Of all the support I have received during my time here at the Valley Roadrunner, Dr. Lou Obermeyer holds an exceptional place for me. During the frenzied month when I was briefly editor of the paper, Dr. Lou introduced me to many of you and ensured that I would not be adrift in my new responsibilities. From discussing the direction I could take the paper to securing my invitations to service clubs around town, Dr. Lou provided me with an incredible foundation in Valley Center that has served me well ever since.

Never before in my life have I encountered a school administrator so compassionate, composed, sincere, and respected by the entire community. I have met countless individuals who can share stories just like mine, even if only from brief encounters, when Dr. Lou stepped beyond the duties of a superintendent and came forward as a true community leader.

Though small in stature, Dr. Lou will forever remain a towering figure in my mind. Regal, genuine, and ready to jump on small challenges with the same enthusiasm as big ones, I will miss Dr. Louís guiding presence in our community as much as many of you will.