Source: Valley Roadrunner

Pageant gives VC girl chance to shine

by Kim Harris
Managing editor

February 20, 2014

Many girls dream of being a princess at one point or another in their lives. There is just something about wearing a sparkly tiara and being loved by millions of people that appeals to pint-sized girls all over the world.

Jessica Romero had those dreams too. While she doesn’t have the lineage to carry the title of princess, she is one step closer to wearing that tiara and becoming a positive role model to little girls all across San Diego County. On Feb. 3, Romero received notification she had been accepted into the Miss Teen San Diego Pageant.

“To be honest, I have dreamed of being a princess,” said Romero. “I would see the Miss Universe show on T.V. and I always said I wanted to be a princess too.”

Romero, 18, gave up that dream to be a princess when she was a little girl, instead opting to study law enforcement.

I am currently enrolled in UEI College,” she said. “I am studying to become a K-9 Unit or Correctional officer for the state.”

While college and education remains her focus, Romero decided to enter the 2014 Miss Teen San Diego pageant due to an interest in modeling. She received her letter of acceptance 28 days before the March 2 competition.

“I decided to enter the pageant because I have always been interested in modeling and I just wanted to give it a try,” she said. “When I got the letter, the call, and the email saying I had been accepted, I was super excited. The word excited couldn’t even describe how excited I was. I wanted to cry from happiness.”

Romero, who is Hispanic, said if she were to win, it would encourage Hispanic girls all throughout San Diego County.

“They would have the courage to say, ‘Hey, this girl did it and they didn’t judge her for her race, why shouldn’t I do the same,’” Romero said. “It could give them that inspiration to try anything. Nothing and no one would stop them from achieving their dreams.”

Romero said she plans to use this experience to benefit the community of Valley Center by reaching out to the youths in the community through motivation by showing there are many activities teens can take part in.

“I hope that they see me and know there is so much more they can do instead of choosing the wrong path,” she said. “I want them to know that they can make a difference, they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.”

Romero is looking forward to learning new skills and making new friends through her participation in the Miss Teen San Diego Pageant.

She said she believes while there are a lot of girls who are determined to win; it’s not just about walking away with the coveted crown.

“Its not just about winning,” Romero said. “There will be girls who will not like you and just think about themselves. There is also a lot of training, goals you need to accomplish. But I just say be who you are; don’t let anyone or anything change who you are.”

But winning a competition such as Miss Teen San Diego pageant does have its benefits, said Romero

“If I were to win, it will help me out in my future because I would win scholarship money to finish paying off my education,” she said. “And not only that, I would be gaining another wonderful experience in life and be able to show all those girls that they can do it as well. Plus it also gives me the chance to represent the Hispanic girls, to show them that we also have an opportunity to shine!

Romero said being named 2014 Miss Teen San Diego would help her to show that all girls have the power to make their dreams reality.

“I want to show that any girl out there can do what I’m doing no matter what they look like. What counts is the inside, their personality, not a pretty face or a pretty body!”