Source: Valley Roadrunner

SOS for water conservation, one reader’s action plan


February 27, 2014

“We’re on track for having the worst drought in 500 years,” said B. Lynn Ingram.

Should this really be true, I had to ask myself what am I doing to conserve? Looking at my life and my two-acre meditation garden, I decided to take action and control of my water usage. Action meant looking at how I use water in my home. I found I could conserve or I could certainly re-use the water from my showers and put this “used” water into the yard.

Now daily after a shower, I put ten gallons of water into my yard instead of into the drain or septic system. By standing in a rectangular tub with two large five gallon buckets to the side, I enjoy my shower knowing I am not wasting the water but re-using it in the garden. As a side benefit, I am doing some arm exercising by lifting the buckets and carrying them into my yard and watching the hungry plants gulp down the water. Should I desire to take a shorter shower, only one five gallon bucket is filled, but longer more relaxing showers produce more water for the garden.

Are my plants suffering from the hair shampoo, cream rinse, or soap? No, they are not and – like my cats who will eat anything – my plants will consume any water I give them including unfinished coffee, coffee grounds, or dirty dish water from the sink.

Should you want to join me in SOS or Saving Of Shower water, here is where locally you can get the necessary materials. A-I Irrigation has the black tubs, 10 gallon (27x19x5) for $9.59 or the 16 gallon (36x22x7) for $16.69. I have both but most often use the 16 gallon tub. Armstrong has a 40 gallon oval tub for $41.99 and a 15 gallon for $34.99. As for buckets, A-I Irrigation has a 5 gallon for $3.50, or $7.99, or a blue one (3.5 gallon) for $7.19. Armstrong at my last visit did not have any buckets nor did Grangettos. I prefer lifting one five gallon bucket at a time, so that means I make two trips into my yard.

SOS (Saving Of Shower) water is my way of helping my yard, helping fight the drought, and helping me stay fit. Let’s share ideas for conserving water.