Source: Valley Roadrunner

Bertrand named to Deansí List

March 06, 2014

Eric Michael Bertrand of Escondido was named to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Deansí List/Honor Roll for the fall semester of the 2013-14 academic year.

Bertrand is a sophomore majoring in journalism in the schoolís College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Qualification for the Deanís List varies among the eight undergraduate colleges and the Honor Roll for undeclared students in Explore Center and pre-professional programs. Listed below are the minimum grade-point averages on a 4-point scale (4.0 equals A) for each entity and the name of its respective dean or director. All qualifying grade-point averages are based on a minimum of 12 or more graded semester hours. Students can be on the Deanís List for more than one college.