Source: Valley Roadrunner

The Jaguarsí Spot

by Alina Gonzalez

March 06, 2014

We learn a lot in high school that we can easily apply to everyday life, even the things we swear we will never use end up being useful.

For example, these past few weeks Iíve learned that the Pythagorean theorem can simply translate to simply pizza2+ice cream2= contemplating if heís just not that into me2. And that, while the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, he is the captivator of my heart.

Yes, math, science, and heartbreak are just some of the hardest things a teenager has to deal with during the school week. Not only do we have to tackle chemistry but also we have to break through some PDA obsessed couples on our way to class. But Iím not going to complain about that, rather this is a message for the boys out there.

Society nowadays allows for the girl to make the first move, breaking tradition and even catching some boys off guard. Itís funny when these situations arise because the male species doesnít always know how to respond.

For example, Iím known amongst my friends for my flirtatious nature and I have no problem letting a guy know I like him; however, the last time I did the guy and I just kept talking and he didnít respond with how he felt until a week later.

ďI love you,Ē followed by a series of text messages as to why. The next day he complained about his ex-girlfriend and finished the conversation saying he wanted to marry her even though she wasnít ďthe one.Ē UmmmÖwhat?!?

So guys are crazy, this is something we all know too well.

For this reason, I wanted to give the fellas a little heads up. The Sadie Hawkins dance is in three weeks and in the days leading up to March 28th some very lucky guys will be asked to the dance.

This yearís theme is Superheroes.

If and when you get asked, guys please donít be like the loser quoted above. Sometimes it takes a ton of courage and guts for a girl to make that first move so donít be Aquaman-lame.

And lady Jags, this is your nudge of encouragement to unleash your inner Wonder Women and go and ask that Clark Kent of your dreams, (word is, you can even ask a guy that doesnít go to VCHS!).

Youíve got a few weeks to come up with a great plan and donít leave out what youíve learned in school.

Tell him heís copper tellurium (CuTe), or make a literary reference (expect Romeo and Juliet, that is no bueno). Just donít be afraid to ask a dude.

So, Jags, be prepared and donít be that guy. Go find that person who will fly in and catch you falling from a building, even if it is just for the night.