Source: Valley Roadrunner

What would the world look like without judgment?


March 06, 2014

Letting go of judgment has been the biggest liberation of my life I believe! And just like they tell you, when you point a finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at you! Try it! I had no idea how much self-judgment I had. Boy, was that an eye-opener!

First of all, thereís a BIG difference between having judgment vs. having good judgment or discernment. Generally speaking, you have an emotion attached to the judging. Whereas having sound judgment generally has no emotion, or the person judging is able to observe through the emotion. There is no doubt that our level of true awareness is directly related to our lack of judging. What would life look like then? I wouldnít have a negative thought if somebody says or does something that I fundamentally disagree with. I realized some time ago that I was judging someone who was racially prejudiced! I had the aha moment when I realized that I was judging the judging!

The Museum of Tolerance in LA is a great way to experience the consequences of judging. It is designed as an interactive experience especially for kids. You first walk through a dark passage with recorded voices shouting out every sort of racial and/or personal slur possible. When you are bombarded like that, you realize how much judgment, often petty but judgment nonetheless, rules our everyday lives.

Do you want your life to be ruled by judgment? Or do you want to see clearly? And make life decisions based on clarity? Seeing the picture clearly, not through a filter.

If you want that, I encourage you to observe yourself interacting for a while. And if you get emotionally invested in something, check the thought, the word or action. And ask yourself this question Ė Whatís the best way for me to let go of judgment around that situation?