Source: Valley Roadrunner

EDITORIALS: Set the differences aside and support the community

by Kim Harris

March 06, 2014

There has been a lot of blarney going on around town regarding the upcoming Irish Stew Cook Off and the Valley Roadrunner feels like the time has come to weigh in on the issue.

After a rash of emails and phone calls, the best we can determine is this is a difference of opinion between two groups that needs to be settled between them. Not in a war of words in the newspaper.

Each side is upset, and rightly so. Kathleen McKewan, founder of the event, worries that all of the negativity surrounding this yearís cook-off will affect the outcome which is, to raise money to help send some deserving high school students off to college. Ironically, that is the same thing Bobbie Weiss with the Valley Center Womenís Club is worried about too.

Since both sides are essentially on the same page, the Valley Roadrunner thinks this one is a no-brainer.

Support the Irish Stew Cook Off.

Itís as simple as that.

To answer a few quick questions, no, the VC Womenís Club is not involved this year. Yes, they will have to develop a different fundraiser to pay for the three scholarships they typically give out each year, but we have hope they will do so and be wildly successful in their endeavors. Theyíve done it before, without the Irish Stew Cook Off, so why would this year be any different? the Valley Roadrunner will do everything in our power to support them no matter which direction they choose to take.

Knights of Columbus is the sponsor for this yearís event. Yes, they are a nonprofit organization. Yes, all donations are tax deductible. They are a 501(8)c organization who has awarded scholarships to deserving students at Valley Center High School since 2003. Helping children achieve their dream of attending college is something that is just plain good in our opinion.

While our position is that things were mishandled across the board, this is a community event designed to raise money for scholarships that are awarded to children who live in our community. Set the differences aside and do what needs to be done to make this a successful event, period.

The Valley Roadrunner will continue to support community events that benefit our community no matter who the event sponsors are because we want to see our community not just survive, but also thrive. We will support all our local clubs and organizations in their endeavors because itís the right thing to do. So letís set our differences aside and do the right thing. Itís not that hard.

Weíll be at the Irish Stew Cook Off and hope to see you there too.