Source: Valley Roadrunner

Hitched on the 50-yard line

March 13, 2014

Tony Corley and Mavany Cowan tied the knot on Saturday, March 8 on the football field of San Pasqual High School. Pastor Bill Trok, of Ridgeview Church, officiated the wedding before more than 300 hundred friends, family, and community members. “At this time, at this place, you decided not to compete against one another. You decided to play on the same team,” said Trok. Tony works as the varsity football coach and gym teacher for San Pasqual High School and Mavany is a worship leader at Ridgeview Church. Mavany brings a son and daughter to the marriage and Tony has three daughters. As a part of the ceremony, the Corleys mixed together vials of sand representing every member of the family to signify the blending of the two individual families into one family unit. The Corleys live in Escondido.