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Molly’s Column

by Molly Davis

March 13, 2014

Hi this is Molly! How are you doing today? Well I am doing okay I guess, I am currently sick.

Today I will talk about school, the spelling bee, how to prevent getting sick and goals.

Okay, so in class we took our report card tests! The test was on our ipads so for me that was a little hard. But that is just my opinion. I just find it a little frustrating to read on our ipad and not get a chance to highlight or mark down my text with connections, key points, difficult words and underlining. But I am almost positive that there are just as many people who like than find it hard.

We are also working on art in my class. We painted a background and then glued a cut out of a Roadrunner. They turned out amazing. They are also going up for auction at my school. All the 5th grade classes are participating with this art project and auction. I think the auction will be at our Open House event. This is just a little summary of my understanding.

All 5th graders had 6th grade orientation at the middle school. It was really cool. We got to take a tour of the middle school and learn more about the electives we can choose from. I think I want to participate in the AG program. No duh, because I love agriculture! I also thought that the computer elective would be fun but at the same time I am unsure. I thought it would be fun because you get to make your own programs but I am not very good with computers. You also have a sports option too. It would be fun to join the co-ed soccer team and the cross country team, but I will never give up softball in Escondido.

Last week I told you that I would write the full interview from the Spelling Bee. One question that I asked was, “What was going through your mind when you were competing?”

The most common response was, “they were scared and felt a lot of pressure.” All of them were really nervous. With the exception of a few, they said they were just playing it cool and just wanted to spell.

“Did you study and how many hours?”

One girl said she read the whole dictionary. That really impressed me! Some did not study at all and just said having a high vocabulary helps. While another said she just study thirty minutes per day leading up to the Spelling Bee.

“Did you think you were going to win?”

Some said they thought they were going to win and others were too nervous to even think about winning.

“So, you made it real far, are you going to go home jumping up and down or just play it cool?”

Many just said they were going to play it cool but some said they were going to surprise their parents with the news.

“Were you nervous when you got out of bed or did you forget about it?”

Multiple students said they forgot all about it until their teachers and friends reminded them. But some said they only took only one bite of toast or breakfast.

Here are some suggestions on how to try and not get sick:

• Use a lot of hand sanitizer.

• Play outside but all the while stay warm.


• Don’t forget your jacket on cold days.

• Eat mostly healthy snacks.

• Have fun…

My goals for this week are to stay as healthy as possible. Also I need to stay on top of my lent sacrifice which is to give up sugar/desserts for 40 days.

I want to also say Happy Birthday to my Great, Great Aunt Alice. She just turned 103 on the 9th. Love you Aunt Alice!

Beep Beep I’m a running Roadrunner writing all day!