Source: Valley Roadrunner

Water board to seek re-bids on reservoir liner project

by Michael Crane
Staff writer

March 20, 2014

After receiving only two bids for installation of a new cover and liner for the Country Club Reservoir, the Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD) board voted to re-bid the project with a few added specifications on March 17.

According to Wally Grabbe, district engineer, the district received two bids for the original deadline of Feb. 19, as well as one after the deadline which was not considered. Of the two bids up for consideration, the bid from MPC Containment was ruled out because MPC did not have a valid contractor’s license at the time. That left Layfield Environmental Systems as the only feasible bid, set at $769,000.

“We think it’s in the best interest of the district to reject all the bids and re-bid this project,” said Grabbe. “We would recommend certain specification revisions when we go out for re-bid.”

The specifications include a two-year contractor warranty for materials and workmanship, up from one year, and a 20-year manufacturer warranty with the first 10 years covering 100 percent of the materials and labor. The new bidders would also be open to using multiple performance-based liner materials, rather than just non-reinforced geomembrane.

The cover/liner project is one of four separate sub-projects in the larger effort to convert the 10 million gallon Country Club Reservoir into two 5 million gallon reservoirs. The roof demolition has already been completed and the contract for the necessary upgrades has been awarded. The most recent revised project estimates a total cost of the project at $3.9 million, with $775,000 set aside for the cover/liner portion.

Grabbe believes the re-bidding process will require minimal costs and will not delay the project because work is not scheduled to start until August 28. Bids will be accepted from now until April 10. The estimated date of completion for the entire reservoir is Dec. 26.

“I think we’ll see the same three bidders come in,” said Grabbe. “Products would be about the same. The big change would be in the warranty.”

The board also heard a preliminary research proposal from Soma Bhadra of Proteus Consulting regarding a more efficient system to regulate energy usage in the district. Bhadra hopes to use the VCMWD in her research at achieving “Water-Energy Symbiois for Grid Reliability.” The board was enthusiastic about Bhadra’s ideas and she hopes to return with grant funding and a more formal proposal in the coming months.