Source: Valley Roadrunner

Letters to the Editor: Fanning the flames

March 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

I believe Valley Center is more than ready to be its own Fire Dept. In fact there would be a savings of almost $200,000. Our Fire Board has a 2.3 million dollar budget more than enough to run the two Firehouses.

Folks, Valley Center is ready.Our Reserve Firefighter Program is one of the best in the state with a Full-Time Fire Chief and a staff of six Firehouse Captains, plus a plan for the future.

We need to start thinking about protecting our high fire danger areas. Our Firefighters need to be ready and trained to make the right moves when the crap hits the fan. That starts with a Full Time Fire Department Chief on down the line. Many of us live with memories of 2003 and 2007, but a Fire Dept is 24/7, slow days and very busy days. This is our community. Letís not be afraid to protect ourselves; that doesnít make a bit of sense.

Michael OíConnor, Valley Center