Source: Valley Roadrunner

Broken Rock Ranch is a Valley Center gem

Roadrunner Correspondent

April 24, 2014

Managers Will and Cami Voertman of Broken Rock Ranch want to share a secret with the community. They believe that their ranch is the best-kept secret in Valley Center.

Located 10 miles east of I-15 at Old Castle Road with 34 acres, visitors can take nature walks, meditate, or star gaze at a price that beats an average hotel stay.

Originally called Happyland Sanatorium, this ranch and the original owner Caroline Bean Hoertig, a charismatic faith healer, brought enough attention to the sanatorium that the property became a noted landmark.

After Hortig’s death in 1960, it was bequeathed to a new owner who renamed this ranch Camp Caroline, where it was operated as a church for 49 years.

In 2009, when the property was purchased by its current owners, it was renamed the Broken Rock Ranch to pay tribute to how this ranch was able to survive wild fires, with no damage other than a broken boulder rock.

On this sprawling ranch, there is a main bunkhouse that allows for up to 78 overnight guests. The dorm house is spacious. Restrooms and showers are in buildings detached from the dorm house. There is a lodge that includes a full commercial kitchen. The lodge classroom allows for a variety of lessons that could be presented by retreaters or day visitors. The picnic grounds are for the day-campers or the extended campers. There are open fields for those who prefer camping in tents rather than in dormitories.

If you have children who have forgotten the basic team sports, there are soccer fields on the ranch. The swimming pool on this ranch is up to eight feet deep. For those looking to be married, or for those who would like to attend church service while on vacation, Broken Rock Ranch has a country church. For the events that require a band, there is an outdoor amphitheater with a bonfire pit.

Half-day use of these facilities are a minimum refundable deposit of $250 per day for up to 25 people that includes use of grounds, pool, and restrooms. Full-day use of these facilities are a refundable deposit of $500 per day.

For retreats or meetings, the minimum fee is $400 per day and $20 per person for half day use and $600 per day for full-day use. The refundable deposit is $400.

The overnight groups rate is a minimum of $500 per day. Check in is at 9 a.m. Check out is at 6 p.m.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for guests. The fee for this service is $10 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, and $25 for dinner. They also have a “take it with you” choice, where you can order a bag lunch to ensure you are prepared for the hiking trails.

The wedding rates depend upon which of the four packages you choose. Package A, which is priced at $2,400, includes church rental, lodge and kitchen rental for the reception, and bridal room use before and after the ceremony.

Package B, priced at $1,900, includes use of the grounds, without the church, ledge and kitchen rental for the reception, and bridal room use before and after the ceremony.

If you select Package C, valued at $1,400, this will include the lodge and kitchen rental for your wedding and reception, use of 10 round tables, 85 chairs, and eight banquet tables, along with the bridal room use before and after the ceremony.

Package D, which costs $750, includes only the church rental and the bridal room.

For more details on the prices and opportunities, visit their website at, or call the managers at (760) 749-1278.