Source: Valley Roadrunner

Adults should act like adults

by Kim Harris
Roadrunner Correspondent

April 24, 2014

As reported in last weekís Valley Roadrunner, Valley Center Pauma Unified School District member Michael Robledo angrily stormed out of a recent school board meeting during a discussion on school security. We just canít condone that kind of behavior.

Robledo began the discussion by presenting the need to improve security measures in the district. Citing the rise in violent crimes in schools nationwide, he identified several security concerns at Valley Center Schools, including campuses with no real security measures in place.

School board members agreed with Robledoís overall request, wanting to take a more measured approach by reviewing current procedures and consult with local law enforcement before requesting proposals from a third party. What brought on the fireworks, however, was a comment from VCPUSD board member Mary Polito questioning whether any measure could guarantee the safety of students in the district.

Robledo immediately went on the attack, criticizing both Polito and board President Don Martin for what he called their appalling attitudes, after Martin made the comment ďÖ there will be some knucklehead that will figure out a way to circumvent whatever you put in place.Ē

It was all downhill from there with Robledo eventually becoming so flustered that he got up and simply walked out when he didnít like what he was hearing.

The Valley Roadrunner agrees with Robledoís opinions, that we must do everything we can to protect our children from the horrors faced by students at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Murrysville, PA. We applaud his recognizing there are holes in security at Valley Centerís schools and we fully support moving forward to do what is necessary to protect students.

What The Valley Roadrunner has a problem with is the attack on other school board members regarding their opinions on how to move forward and address the issue.

We donít know what Polito and Martin were thinking when they made comments during the meeting that set Robledo off. Perhaps they were thinking along the lines of budgetary concerns, perhaps they were thinking our local sheriff substation may have a task force or access to one that could help identify problems in current security protocol. We just donít know.

What we do know is that attacking others for their opinion is never the answer. Immediately putting Polito and Martin on the defensive created a situation that never should have happened. Someone using bullying techniques to get their way is never something that should be accepted in todayís society. We get that Robledo is concerned and only doing what he believes is in the best interest of the students but what we donít get is the way he went about things.

What we just canít wrap our brains around is why these members of our school board canít seem to put their differences aside, like adults are supposed to do, and work together to come up with a plan to address the issue.

So what is our recommended solution? Grow up, act like an adult. Open up the dialogue in a mature and sensible manner and figure out a way to meet in the middle and fix the problem. Our kidsí lives could depend on it.