Source: Valley Roadrunner

Jags lose rough and tumble game to San Marcos

by RAY FLORES Roadrunner Correspondent

May 15, 2014

The Valley Center Jaguars boys’ varsity lacrosse lost a rough and tumble battle with the San Marcos High School Knights in a hotly contested game.

The Jaguars came into the game with an overall record of 13-3 and league record of 5-1 when confronting the Knights from San Marcos, who at that time had an overall record of 11-6 and league record of 5-6. The Knights simply overwhelmed the Jaguars and limited their scoring opportunities. Passing for the Jaguars was hindered by the San Marcos defense, which kept constant pressure on the Valley Center team.

Lacrosse is traditionally a very aggressive game, but San Marcos at times stretched that to the limit. Valley Center was completely overwhelmed by their aggressive style of play. Penalties by San Marcos were many, with Valley Center only having one penalty the entire game. Valley Center managed to get on the score board in the later half of the game, but it was obviously too little, too late.

The high scorers for Valley Center were Jason Blasius and fellow teammate Jason Brewster who both scored two goals each, followed by Dawson Postuma. it was definitely a rough and tumble game. Jason Blasius suffered an injury and was sidelined after being blatantly clocked by a San Marcos Knight. The game was halted for about eight minutes while medical staff checked out the Jaguar. Blasius was sidelined for the remainder of the game, a little battered and bruised, but with a great upbeat attitude and unbeaten spirit.

At the end of the game, Coach Talley gathered his troops and congratulated his team for playing a great game against a tough opponent and expressed his appreciation for their efforts. In a post game interview with Coach Talley, he again commented how well his team had played against San Marcos

“San Marcos is a great team. They are a huge school who play a very physical brand of lacrosse,” Talley said. “We were real hesitant at the beginning of the game. Penalties are things we cannot afford, nor do we want them. It always leaves you down a man.”

On May 12, the Jaguars faced San Dieguito Academy on their home turf and defeated the Mustangs 20-1. The Jaguars will travel to Del Norte High School on May 14. Game time is 7:15 p.m.