Source: Valley Roadrunner

Fourth of July fireworks thing of the past in Valley Center

Staff Writer

May 15, 2014

Fourth of July fireworks in Valley Center have been a tradition for 14 years, but that tradition has ended.

“No fireworks this year,” said Kelly Crews, president of Fireworks for Valley Center. For months, Crews has desperately sought a major sponsor for the show, but no one was willing to step forward to help with the expense of presenting the holiday tradition. The April 25 deadline was extended, but still there was no response to Crews’ pleas for sponsorship.

“Without a sponsor, we cannot move forward,” Crews said. “If I am unable to get the sponsor for this year, then this will be my last year.”

Year after year, Crews worked tirelessly to make the important day of celebration possible for the community to enjoy. During the long running event, the fireworks display was canceled twice: once for the new football field and again during legal concerns confronted by the Community Center.

“We should all remember to thank these generous supporters for their gracious contributions over the years to bring this family fun event to our community,” said Crews.

Crews Companies donated over $240,000 during the years 2000 to 2006. Valley View Hotel and Casino donated $78,000 from 2008 through 2013. In 2008, Angelo Demonte of Mercedes Benz in Escondido donated $10,000. During the same year, George and Cindy Weir donated $7,500. Arie De Jong donated $6,700 for the years 2010 through 2013.

Crews said a special thanks should go to the following: Darleen Shiley, Wells Fargo, Bruce and Mary Gordon, Accretive Investments, John and Jeannie Price, SDGE, A-1 Irrigation, Fred Downey, Mark and Nancy Weir, Grangettos, VC Rotary, Charlie and Lynn Smith, County Pharmacy, Hugh and Janice Salisbury, McCuskey Group, Frontier Fence, Becker Plumbing, Becker and Sons, Tim and Allison Bell, Captain Ken Baldry, Sunrise Bank, Tom and Rayleen Thomas, Portinos, Will Rogers Co, Rick and Diane Moore, VC Wireless, Bob and Cherly Cavlin.

With generous in-kind donations from: EDCO, Powerland Equipment, Diamond Environmental, Valley Roadrunner, VC Press, Newell Cummings, Lori Lallo, VC Chamber of Commerce, Subway, Richard Moker, Nancy Cummings, VC Community Pharmacy, Oliver and Janice Smitte, Peter Jauregui, Erik Jensen, Ron McCowan, and John Belanich.

“All were extremely helpful this year. We’ve had a great run,” said Crews.

She is grateful to the following supporters: Kiwanis, Explorers, Lou Obemayer, Mary Gorsuch with the VCPUSD, Supervisor Bill Horn’s office, VC Sheriff’s Substation, Fire Marshal George Lucia, VC Municipal Water District, State Water Quality Control Board.

Thanks to others include: Christine Wallace, Rick Roberts, Alan Kirkpatrick, Craig and Elizabeth Usher, and the CHP.

“I have enjoyed doing the fireworks celebration over the last 14 years in Valley Center and have enjoyed working with the people and sponsors to bring this event to the community,” Crews said.

Crews recently said the following:

“The board of directors for Fireworks for Valley Center has asked me to wait to make any final determinations until Feb. 2015. So if anyone misses the fireworks this year, I urge you to thank every person who has ever supported the event. Ask them why they do it and then be grateful to them and tell them how much it means to you and your family to have the event in Valley Center. Every sponsor wants to know you appreciate their contribution. Help them see how it impacts the community to have a fun family event honoring all who have died to protect our freedoms. God bless America, and if we are unable to go forward in 2015, thank you to everyone. We’ve had a great run.”