Source: Valley Roadrunner

Jaguars lacrosse wins CIF championship over Serra Mesa

by Ray Flores Roadrunner Correspondent

June 05, 2014

The Valley Center Jaguars have clinched the San Diego Division II title by winning the game held at Granite Hills High School against the Conquistadors of Serra Mesa High on Saturday.

This is a major milestone for the Valley Center lacrosse program. Two years ago, the Jags fielded their very first lacrosse team and they only won one game the entire season.

The victory this past Saturday over the Conquistadors was especially sweet because in 2013, having made the playoffs, the Jaguars lost in the first round to the Conquistadors. With humility, dignity, and a great show of sportsmanship, the Jags congratulated the team from Tierra Santa for a game well played as they savored their victory. It was a testament to the pride in themselves and the mark of true champions.

It was an exciting game with the fans from both teams cheering their players on. The Jaguars took an early lead when Dawson Postuma scored during the first 52 seconds of the first quarter soon to be followed by goals from Jason Blasius and Ian Leek and ending the first quarter 3-0.

Just 3:49 into the second quarter, Jason Brewster scored, followed by another goal through the efforts of Ian Leek. Not to be out of the fight was Serra’s Keith Parkman with a goal with just 4:05 remaining in the quarter. Battling back was Jaguar Jason Brewster assisted by Ian Leak who made another charge for the goal and scored, giving the Jags a five point lead over Serra. Conquistador Jared Chase then scored for Serra Mesa with just 2:32 remaining in the quarter. At half time, the score stood at 6-2 Valley Center.

With 8:32 remaining in the third quarter, Serra’s Keith Parkman scored another goal, only to be followed by a tenacious Jaguar Brewster who scored one more for the Jags, followed by another goal scored by Andrew Chestnut. Not to be left out of the action, Jon Luna with an assist by Jason Blasius scored another for the Jags.

As battle continued in the in the fourth quarter, the young men from Serra Mesa High would score twice more but fall to the Jags 9-5.

The young men from Valley Center were vindicated from the disappointments of the previous two seasons.

Jaguar Jason Blasius, who will be attending the U.S. Air Force Academy this fall, summed up the game.

“Our team worked together and I liked it because there were no stars, anybody had the chance to score,” Blasius said. “We have been playing together since childhood and we have gotten to know each other’s habits, moods, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, it’s been very rewarding.

Coach Robert Talley also added his thoughts.

“To come from 1-18 to two years later being CIF champs, it’s a testament to the team,” Talley said. It has taken a lot to get the team to lacrosse at this school.”