Source: Valley Roadrunner

May 23, 2013 | 11:52 AM

This article is complete garbage an untruthful. So far everything that has been spoken out of the mouth of Kim Oakely and her family has been a lie. Not anyone who has commented or reported on this whole trial concerning Kim Oakely, or her son Jamey, has been in that courtroom to actually say or have any input. Does anyone not fail to see or realize that the media was not there during the trial to actually report what REALLY happened? The video clips which were shown were edited, altered, an the original source of it was intentionally detstroyed by the mother; her own son was caught on camera choking Jamey; she lied on stand; her husband lied on stand; the detectives did a poor investigation but because Mrs.Oakely pushed this in the media they ran with it; the over "2000" video clips were "suspicion of abuse" not actual abuse; an alot more. Mrs. Oakelys motives are purely not protective an being a loving mother. Shes looking for money throughout all this. I'll pray for her and her family. And now, shes attacking Karolyn Kovton? If the prosection and Mrs.Oakely really had a problem with the "so called comment" about what was said, then why are we just now hearing a complaint about it an not during the trial? I bet this article was provoked by Mrs.Oakely. Please everyone dont believe everything you see on the news, internet, and/or 3rd parties.

Matthew McDuffie