Source: Valley Roadrunner

Defense Attorney Uses Former Client to Defend Her Hate Speech
May 24, 2013 | 11:54 AM

It's more than ironic that the defense attorney, Karolyn Kovtun uses her former client, and his sister to create more subterfuge. Are they implying two District Attorneys and a Sheriff Detective are lying when they were with Kovtun and Kovtun made this comment? Are they further implying the videos showing Matthew McDuffie punching Jamey in the stomach, face, head, nose, kicking his shins, grinding his shoes into Jamey's bare feet are animations on a video? I'm so glad McDuffie and his sister replied to this article, as it further confirms what so many people see about them. Sociopaths. No remorse. No accountability for their cruel, senseless acts on a vulnerable autistic person that couldn't speak or defend himself. As I predicted, McDuffie is feeling empowered by his light conviction. Becoming more brazen, cocky and desperate. The good news is McDuffie will never escape what everyone can clearly see on the videos to our son. And it drives him crazy. McDuffie is a disgrace to the US Navy. He milked the GI bill by attending school after school and instead of becoming a productive member of society, he abused our son. For McDuffie to say he's praying for us is more than comical. The bible is clear that if you say you have no sin you deceive yourself and the truth is not in you. McDuffie will pay the ultimate price when he faces God for what he did, over and over to our son. No wonder he's terrified and must resort to continual denial of what he's done. Hard times are coming for McDuffie. It's a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Kim Oakley