Source: Valley Roadrunner

Regional Center Has a Duty to Provide Care to Special Needs Chil
May 24, 2013 | 12:04 PM

There are 21 Regional Centers in California. Their duty is to provide care, as per the unique and individual needs of special needs populations. So what if a family gets care? What does that have to do with Matthew McDuffie abusing our son? Nothing. Furthermore, why is McDuffie and his former defense attorney so obsessed with what our son Jamey receives from the state agency to help him have a happy, healthy life? Is there something wrong with families fighting for what their special needs child needs? Apparently, this trivial matter illuminates how obtuse and vindictive the convicted abuser, Matthew McDuffie, is. Families who receive services from Regional Centers often pay out of pocket expenses, irregardless of the services they fought and won for. Again, what does this have to do with McDuffie caught on tape torturing our son? Nothing. Yet another diversionary tactic to shift focus off the abuse seen on tape. Socipaths like McDuffie seldom learn from their mistakes or criminal convictions. The only safe place for people like McDuffie to be are in prison.

kim oakley