Source: Valley Roadrunner

Water Storage
July 26, 2013 | 12:09 PM

It is fine for water purveyors located south of the Delta (SOD) to call for more water storage in their watershed, but they must understand that humans are borrowing surplus water from nature. Efforts to maintain ecological balance by following eco-system management policies is not robbing humans of their is attempting to preserve water supply balance by honoring the ecosystems that provide the water. Purveyors in the San Joaquin/Tulare basin are ramping up their demands on Sacramento Valley Watersheds. One of the biggest threats to California's long-term water supply is the backdoor effort to convert the Sacramento Valley aquifer system into a drained reservoir (water bank) that could be replenished when "normal" weather returns. In fact, a drained aquifer causes rivers and streams to leak into the ground. If SOD water districts expect Sac Valley water to flow they better work with us to protect the aquifer system that is the foundation of the surface flow.

James Brobeck